Modern v Traditional …

I’ve currently engaged in training with Aspire Photography and my business at present is definitely in it’s infancy! I’ve been thinking about the concept of modern v traditional a lot.

I don’t believe that any time would be right to wait for the site to be released – there’s no time like the present and the site has been live for about 3 months now – which has passed in a blink of an eye.

My overall goal for the business will see changes over the coming months to what you see now. When looking at ideal business as part of my Aspire training I came across this notion of split whilst looking at my peers. Modern v Traditional always seems to be played off against other like you have to choose one, I’m finding that’s it’s definitely something that client’s have come up against as well. Wedding’s with evolve with cultures and I’m seeing for example some beautifully shot weddings in bars and coffee shops, weddings in bohemian caravans and tents.

I’m not concerned with settling as a photographer in one camp or another – all I’m concerned with is ‘STORYTELLING’. My goal for my own business to be blend the new with the old, move with the times, infuse design with photography… as long as my prime concern as a photographer is storytelling I’ll always have a voice. If you are a bride and groom struggling to decide the look of your wedding then my advice to you is always to true to yourselves – plan your day based on your tastes and your interests. If you want to stick to a traditional ceremony then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all – you should embrace tradition! If you want to embrace the alternative then go wholeheartedly with it… whatever your choices seek out what gives you joy. Build a scrap book, search online, use pinterest, it’s your project.