‘The site, the future and moving forward towards goals’

I’m into my training with Aspire at the moment who have really helped me to start to move toward my direction and vision. Over the coming months the site will be fully taking off and be launching. The site went live in March quite early, pre training. This was my decision as I think that sometimes people just have to get on with things – before they are ready, before everything you want is perfect, jump into whatever you want to do. Stay positive, become vocal about your ambitions and visualise your future.

I have a distinct vision of where my photography will end it. It’s a long road – you have to be patient. It’s a craft that bruises ego’s, knocks you down and loves stirring your self doubt. If you can realise it’s a process, if you can apply yourself and commit to learning then you will move forward.

I’m going to split myself between wedding, lifestyle and fashion work. I’ve got a lot to do, a lot to work through. I’ll be posting on the blog regularly and you can of course also connect with me via social media.



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